Meet the Owners

Kelly's childhood in Tupper Lake was idyllic, laying the foundation for a lifetime of treasured memories. Following her education, she ventured to Texas, where she embarked on a demanding career as an emergency physician and began her own family. Meanwhile, her husband, Fernando, originally hailing from San Antonio, Texas, experienced love at first sight with Tupper Lake. The area's serene seclusion and vast expanses of lakes and trails left an indelible mark on his heart.

Their journey led them to acquire Bridgeview on Lake Simond, a property with deep historical roots, originally crafted in the 1930s from vertical logs. Nestled on a family-friendly beach, it became their cherished retreat for summer vacations and winter getaways. The two homes on this property were thoughtfully remodeled in the classic Adirondack style, expanded with new bedrooms and bathrooms. However, as their family grew, so did the need for more space, and their dream began to take shape.

Their opportunity arrived when their realtor friend introduced them to a 14-acre property on Big Tupper Lake, home to an original camp built in 1901. This presented a chance to preserve an authentic Adirondack camp and construct a family home capable of comfortably accommodating their children and extended family. Over five years, with the talents of their family members, they painstakingly refurbished the historic camp while adding an additional 6,000 square feet to facilitate family gatherings and entertainment. Every piece of wood from the original camp found new life in their Adirondack-style construction, and the original camp's floors were carefully preserved.

Construction was truly a family affair, her older brother Tim was the general contractor and designor of the project, her other older brother Shawn was the engineer of the HVAC systems and infrastructure, her younger brother Tom did outside excavation building the vast rock walls on the front and side of the house and her sister Lynn and husband Sam helped Kelly and Fernando with finishing touches and move in. She also had friends from Texas come and work on the project! After move in, her younger sister Mary and husband Stephen had her wedding reception at the house under the starry Adirondack Sky.

Determined to share the beauty of their camps with other families, they opened their doors to visitors. The joy of seeing families return year after year to Bridgeview and Larkin Point, coupled with the heartwarming comments from guests, has been immensely rewarding.

Bridgeview: Where Memories Are Made

Bridgeview boasts a private swimming beach, a serene lake for fishing and boating, and endless opportunities for water recreation. The camp's warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with all the amenities required for group or family vacations, makes it a true haven.

Larkin Point: A Majestic Retreat

Larkin Point features a private beach for swimming, a lake for boating, fishing, and water skiing, and ample green spaces and shaded areas just steps away. Gone are the days of lugging equipment back and forth; here, you have everything you need. Whether it's soaking up the sunshine on the lawn or enjoying a sunset cruise on the lake, there is a wealth of activities and relaxation for all ages.

The majestic lakefront setting, the splendor of their homes, the convenience of having everything on the lakefront, and the pleasure of bringing people together under one roof have made vacations at Bridgeview and Larkin Point unforgettable. They genuinely enjoy sharing their homes with others and hope you'll create lasting memories during your stay.